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6 Feb. 2001 20:00

Web Site online !

At last we have released the first version of our software Raytressi, a new free open source ray tracer.
Use the downloads section to get it.

  • Lots of objects types: primitives (spheres, cubes, cones, planes ...), implicits surfaces, meshes (ASE format).
  • Differents lights: Omni, directionnal, attenuated ....
  • Multiples Reflections / Refractions.
  • CSG: union, intersection, difference.
  • Textures: tga, procedural (2D or 3D), bilinear filtering options ...
  • Camera.
  • Static c++ library 100% POSIX works under:
    WINDOWS 3.XX,9X,NT,2000 ...
    All unix and linux platforms
  • Python / tk interface for easier use.
  • Full HTML documentation.

Don't forget to visit the others sections for more informations.

Have fun with Raytressi